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Our group's CSR activities are rooted in the knowledge and the social governance which our group follow religiously. We try to fulfil our business duties in order to enable all living beings to get a fair share of the planet's resources, and safe environment. It is the duty of businesses to contribute to the constituents of society and solve some of the most vulnerable social and environmental problems. Our group work for the development and environmental preservation projects with a plethora of CSR activities for women environment and the earthquake-prone areas in Nepal.

Our CSR approach envisages that the group evolves and executes strategies to support communities and women issues in partnership with governments, civil society and other stakeholders. The group believes corporate social responsibility (CSR) as its critical mission. For example, we have done a lot of work for the victims of the Nepal earthquakes by providing houses - Michelle Yeoh, Live to Love Global Ambassador, announced the construction of community halls, in collaboration with on-ground partners like the Panchakanya Group.

Additionally, Panchakanya Group’s 40th Anniversary banner was hosted on the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro (the tallest mountain in Africa), Tanzania on 5th March 2013 by 7 Summits Women Team. With this current feat, the team consisting Shailee Basnet, Asha Kumari Singh, Chunu Shrestha, Maya Gurung, Nimdoma Sherpa, Pema Diki Sherpa and Pujan Acharya are getting closer to their ultimate goal of climbing 7 great summits of the world and spreading their message on education, empowerment and environment.

Under our "Corporate Social Responsibility" and on the occasion of International Women Day, Panchakanya Group reaffirms its support to empower and encourage Nepalese women.

Our Current CSR Activities

Pachakanya Foundation and Aji’s announces strategic partnership

Panchakanya Foundation, a CSR unit of Panchakanya Group, a pioneer in introducing building material since its establishment in 1972 and Aji’s, a social enterprise that empowers elders to live healthy and happy lives by providing a platform to showcase their skills and knowledge have signed an MOU (March 26th, 2021) to bring extraordinary stories and experience of our elder to you...............

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Panchakanya Factory have collectively donated Rs. 5 Lakh

Employees of Panchakanya Group at Bhairahawa Factory have collectively donated Rs. 5 Lakh from Chaitra Salary to Tilottama Municipality Disaster....

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2500 mask donation

Panchakanya Group supported Bir Hospital and Teku Hospital by donating and providing them 2500 masks to each hospital during the most difficult pandemic...

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testing booth from panchakanya profile

Panchakanya group has supported the National Innovation Center (NIC) with 5 Corona testing booth for HOSPITALS in coordination with Mr Mahabir Pun chairman...

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Cleaning Camp

The Cleaning Camp Program was held on January,11 2018. This program was held to maintain the cleanliness...

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Gai Jatra

Gai Jatra is a festival celebrated mainly in Kathmandu valley in the memory of death people during the year...

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Health Transformed By Art

Panchakanya Group has supported Health Transformed By Art as a part of corporate social responsibility...

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Teach For Nepal

Teach for Nepal is an organization committed to create equal education opportunities for every child in Nepal...

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Thimi Jatra

Panchakanya Group has participated Thimi Jatra of 2075. This is the first time Panchakanya had participated...

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Women Journalist Expedition

The women journalist expedition program was held on 5thAugust 2018. In this program four young women journalist...

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Our company employees volunteered to clean-up ‘Dashinkali Mandir’. This event’s main objective was to successfully...

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We have successfully conducted CSR activity "PAINT A SCHOOL" on November 9th, 2012. As a part of this CSR activity...

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Live to love International is a non- profit organization specializing in Himalayan humanitarian aid. It uses sustainable development to overcome ...

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Our Past CSR Activities

Since our establishment, Panchakanya Group has fulfilled its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by contributing in different social activities such as:

Construction of Panchakanya Goddess Temple and adjoining local road in Fikkal, Ilam

Construction of hospital floor at Bhairahawa

Construction of “Sattal” near Mahadev and Shree Krishna Temple around Akshayswor Mahavir Area

Financial assistance to Lalit Bahamukhi Campus, Pulchowk

Construction of “Sattal” at Hasapota Ganesh Temple in Jhamsikhel, Lalitpur

“Panchakanya Technology Innovation and Research Grant” was established to encourage and support invention and innovation among Nepali scientists

On the occasion of Panchakanya Day 2067, Panchakanya Group planted trees in 1.5-hectare land situated in Pharping on Bhadra 19. A total of 1200 types of saplings were planted to minimize greenhouse gas emission and help Nepal become environment-friendly. Trees were also planted in Dhobighat, Lalitpur in association with the local Saraswoti Youth Club on Bhadra 15. On the same day, trees were planted around Rupandehi and Parsa Amlekhgunj Area

Construction as well as the establishment of Primary School Building, in memory of late Mohan Maya Shrestha, mother of our Group’s Chairman Mr Prem Bahadur Shrestha at Charpane-1, Jhapa

Financial assistance for construction of Nepal Language Academy, Kirtipur

The sponsor of Real 4th Kathmandu Marathon 2010 held on 2nd October 2010 at Kathmandu

On the occasion of Panchakanya Day 2067 and 2068, Blood Donation Drive was successfully conducted. A total of 100 people participated. The Managing Director, Directors as well as employees of the Group were involved

Financial assistance for the construction of Roshi Higher Secondary School situated at Kavrepalanchowk, Katunje and Chilaune Secondary School at Sindhupalchowk, in cooperation with Childreach Nepal

The group has continuously been providing financial help and other assistance to different organizations and the less privileged individuals and also looks forward to continuing this endeavour in the future