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Looking for the perfect windows for your home? We at Panchakanya Profile manufacture high quality uPVC doors & windows that are energy efficient and have good insulation properties for sound and all types of weather.

uPVC is the general abbreviation for un-plasticized poly vinyl chloride. It serves as a very useful construction material due to the numerous benefits that it offers and is widely used for manufacturing doors, windows and pipes.

The high-quality uPVC windows and doors by Panchakanya uPvc are available in commendable and customizable designs. With solutions ranging from traditional sliding, and casement designs to trendy and modern fixed designs, tilt and turn designs, you will never fall short of delightful options.

A huge advantage of uPVC doors and windows is the galvanized steel core of the profiles which makes the finished products much stronger and firmer. They also offer higher efficiency in terms of thermal insulation, soundproofing, and heat shielding. High-quality uPVC windows and doors can transform your home drastically by reducing heat loss, noise, condensation and enhancing the comfort level and value of your property.

OUR products

Sliding window

The sliding windows at Panchakanya are manufactured in such a way so that there is no compromise in the quality, security and aesthetic features.....................

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Sliding door

uPVC Sliding Doors two or more frames slide horizontally on tracks to the left or the right. The Sliding Doors are slightly raised above the track for.............

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Fixed window

Fixed windows are used purely to let light in and provide a view but do not need to be opened or operated because there are no ventilation possibilities........

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Casement window

Our uPVC casement windows and doors were created to meet a market demand among intelligent consumers who wanted more than just................

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Casement Door

Our uPVC casement door white sashes come up with an updated modern twist and is built with the top quality casement hardware in order..........

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Double Door

Panchakaya provides high quality UPVC Double doors that offer heightened security of homes and offices with their reinforced safety glass...........

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Tilt and Turn

Panchakanya uPVC Window and Door Systems can be fitted with the Tilt & Turn hardware, which allows them in the Turn position.........

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Fix Partitions

Our termite proof, water resistant and maintenance free Partitions are made of independent uPVC panels which are..............

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Arch Windows

The perfect way to add charm and character to your home..........

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Q. What is uPVC?

PVC stands for Poly Vinyl Chloride. The “u” means that the PVC is unplasticised, which results in making the material rigid and high strength.

Q.Why uPVC?

UPVC is an excellent alternative for traditional windows and doors because it is energy efficient, low maintenance and has superior thermal and acoustic insulation properties. Unlike wood, it doesn't expand or contract with temperature variations and doesn't need painting. It is also resistant to termites and doesn't fade under exposure to sun or UV rays. Compared to aluminium, UPVC is a poor conductor of heat and therefore doesn't allow transfer of heat, and neither does it rust or corrode.

Q. Does uPVC discolour?

As long as the profiles used to fabricate uPVC windows are heat stabilized, the original white colour will not fade. Upvc windows, installed in different climate condition 10 years ago, are still in perfect condition buy may slightly fade in long term use.

Q. How strong are uPVC windows?

Window frames have internal galvanised steel reinforcement. Furthermore, uPVC windows all have fusion welded corners, so no mechanical fixing is used. This makes the chance of breakage very low in comparison with those windows using mechanical corner style fixings.

Q. Are uPVC windows expensive?

In context to Nepal market uPVC windows are initially more expensive than other low grade window systems on the market, but taking into account the energy savings, performance and maintenance you will payback cost in short period of time.

Q. Why should I use uPVC windows and doors, rather than aluminium or timber?

The main advantage of uPVC windows and doors is their energy efficiency, better sound and heat insulation, easier to use, less maintenance, durability and cost efficient.

Q. What colours are available?

Generally available profiles are white in colour, different colours profile can be provided depending upon the quantity of the project.

Q. What type of uPVC designs are available?

uPVC available design are casement window, sliding window, vertical sliding window, fix window, top hung window, tilt and turn window, casement door and sliding door.

Q. Are uPVC windows available in the same style as aluminium and timber?

There are very few limitations when using uPVC window profiles. uPVC windows are available in standard and customer specific sizes. We have our own designs, which are constantly being updated. The usual styles: casement, side hung, tilt and turn, fixed and sliders are available.

Q. Can noise proof possible in uPVC System?

Noise proof is possible in uPVC system and better sound insulation can be done by proper selection of glass i.e higher thickness, double glazing glass as per site location and requirement of client.

Q. What type of glazing do you offer with your systems?

uPVC system can accommodate a glazing panel up to 32mm, so any combination of single or double glazing can be used without any design change.

Q. Are products covered by Warranty?

All windows and doors come with 10 year warranty on Veka profile, 5 year on Conch profile and 2 year warranty on hardware

Q. What’s the service policy ?

Panchakanya uPVC emphasizes in making long term relationship with its customers through superior customer service. Panchakanya uPVC has well trained professionals and provide free technical service for our valuable client.

Q.How Panchakanya uPVC support to choose the right window designs?

Panchakanya uPVC technical and sales team is adequately trained to help you and we can provide suggestion after having meeting in office premises and upon your request we can provide technical support in site also.

Q. What’s the process for the replacement of malfunction spare parts?

If any replacement needs to be done firstly you need to inform to our office then our technical team will visit site and list out the malfunction spare parts. If it is out of warranty period you need to deposit equivalent amount after that our technical team will replace the spare parts.

Q.Where to inform for service issue?

You can just contact office and noted down your problem.

Q. Is it scratch proof?

UPVC window systems are resistant to scratches during normal domestic use and its resistant property is far better than other available product.

Q. How does uPVC Doors & Windows react in fire?

uPVC Doors & Windows burns when subjected to high flame, but does not burn by itself: The product extinguishes immediately when the external flame source is removed i.e. fire retardation property. It has got a "A" class fire rating.

Why Panchakanya uPVC

comparison table

Description Wood Aluminum uPVC
High impact resistance No No Yes
Unaffected by temperature No No Yes
Corrosion resistance No No Yes
Resistance to exhaust fumes and building industry chemicals No No Yes
Aging resistance No No Yes
Sea water resistance No No Yes
Protective painting or polishing required Yes Yes No
High insulation qualities No No Yes
Good sound dampening No No Yes
Wind Proof No No Yes
No condensation o thermal expansion No No Yes
Adaptable to meet architectural requirement No No Yes
Can be formed into aesthetically pleasing shapes No No Yes
Can be uesd in most vaied climatic conditions No No Yes
Qualities and appearance are stable even after years of external use No No Yes
Ecologically sound as it is practically 100%recyclable No No Yes

OUR Product's features

High UV Resistant

Nepal is a High UV sensitive country, Panchakanya uPVC windows are high UV Resistant with a high portion of Titanium Dioxide in its formulation. Panchakanya Profile is the Leader in Nepal.

Energy Saving

Low conductivity of uPVC as material together with the proper choice of Glass one can SAVE to 30% Electricity Bills.

Water Resistant

Even Extreme harsh weather, Heavy Rain have no adverse effect on uPVC windows, uPVC windows can bear Heavy Rains all life long.

Eco Friendly

Panchakanya uPVC Windows are eco-friendly, Earth Friendly and prevent harms to the environment, Green trees which give us Oxygen are not cut to make the windows.

Sound Proof

Panchakanya uPVC Windows block the noise pollution, Sound Resistant, provide acoustic insulation high acoustic values can be realized together with the choice of proper glass

Fire Resistant

Panchakanya uPVC is a Flame retardent material. Panchakanya uPVC frames are a self-extinguishable material that does not support combustion.

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