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PPR Pipes and Fittings

Panchakanya’s proficiency in manufacturing international standard PVC and HDPE pipes and fittings in Nepal has further led the group to manufacture and deliver to its consumers a better and efficient product. PP-R Pipes and Fittings are the latest innovation of panchakanya group. These premium quality products are a complete plumbing solution for hot and cold water distribution and a replacement to all metal pipes. The fusion welding that connects the pipes to the fittings ensures a plumbing system with a strong bonding for 100% leak proof.

Salient Features:

Cost efficient:
Zero conditional cost incurred installation by eliminating the usage of hacksaw, seal tape, jute, etc. Panchakanya PP-R's unique properties offer the most cost effective hot and cold water distribution system.

Purer drinking water:
The water remains pure at all times in Panchakanya PP-R system, unlike the regular metal pipes where corrosion creates encrustation and leaching of metal ions leading to impure water conditions.

High strength and light weight:
The product has good ductility, impact and temperature resistance. Its light weight property makes it cost effective while transporting and handling.

Longevity and convenient:
The product has a minimum lifespan of 50 years and is hasslefree from corrosion, leakage and calcification.

Key Advantages:
- No calcification
- 50 years life span.
- High pressure and temperature resistance(95)
- Non-decaying and non-deforming
- Smooth inner surface for better flow to reduce electricity and pressure usage by pumps
- Best solution to today's hot and cold water channel
- Reliable, durable, quick and easy to install.
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