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Mr. Udeep Shrestha

Though still a young man Udeep Shrestha already set his sights on the way he wants to lead the organization. With a passion for exploring new avenues he is a personality who is always on the lookout for newer and better opportunities for the benefit of the company.

Though Udeep has spent most of his time studying abroad, his heart has always been here in Nepal. It was in February 2009 that he decided to return home after completing his graduation in Business Management, to take a grasp of things here and it was precisely in May the same year that he started attending office at Panchakanya.

Udeep has spent a major part of his initial days visiting the group’s factories with office staff and looking around at how things work to first learn about the technical aspects of the businesses that the group is involved in. The other area of concentration for him has been regular visits to trade fairs. He has been involved in an exploratory sort of work so that he can identify new products which can be added as supplements to what Panchakanya is already doing. For this purpose he has also established Explore International on his own initiative.

Fresh out of college and still young, Udeep has also been trying to incorporate changes wherever he can within Panchakanya. He has also been instrumental in providing suggestions whenever and wherever necessary. Udeep is a person who has always longed to do his own thing and has also always harboured the feeling of staying back in Nepal and doing something substantial here itself.

 One area that Udeep personally feels that Nepali companies need to concentrate on is to adapt to changes more quickly. He is of the view that decisions must be taken fast when necessary and also believes that a little more professionalism wouldn’t hurt anyone.

In the long run Udeep wants to see Panchakanya as a more diversified company and not just limited within this geographical boundary but he always wants the company to have infrastructure businesses as its backbone and he wants Panchakanya to be recognised as an infrastructure brand. In the next few years he wants to see Panchakanya’s footsteps, at least, around the subcontinent and in certain places of Asia.

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