Panchakanya Structural Steel is a long term project for constructing.,

Traditional Nepali houses

Low-Rise Residence

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Design Option with PSS

Residence Design

Residence Design


Panchakanya Steel Structure (PSS) presents the first of its kind multi purpore Light Gauge Steel Structure. It is developed through a cold-formed process without the use of heat.

Electrical and plumbing

Pre-punched service holes in the web of the steel frame allows electrical, gas and plumbing services to be installed within the wall framing system. Plastic grommets and silicone seals are used to fasten and protect wiring and pipes from corrosion and damage arising from vibrations. In a light-gauge steel framing structure, electric and plumbing installation is much more efficient than traditional constructions with cement and block. Electric and plumbing wires and tubes are typically distributed within the steel framing structure and can be worked on with open walls or through the roofs. With this method, installation is easier and quicker and future maintenance and modifications can be significantly less burdensome.