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LPG Cylinder is an essential item for filling liquefied petroleum gas used for cooling purpose. The body of LPG cylinder is deeply drawn in two pieces then these are welded together to make a compact unit without any leak and defect. The LPG cylinders that are in use are of 15 to 16kgs of capacities. Nepal Cylinder is a company based in Amlekhgunj that manufactures LPG cylinder (Liquefied Petroleum Gas), which a pressure vessel is used to store gases at above atmospheric pressure. High-pressure gas cylinders are also called bottles. It is established in 2066 B.S. Nepal Cylinder LPG cylinder is certified by ISO 9001:2008 from ICS.

The cylinders carry their complete history with regard to their serial number, gross weight, water capacity, ISE monogram test date, manufacturer identification and year of manufacturing.


Manufacturing of LPG cylinder does not pose any major problem of pollution. However, it is suggested that due care should be taken in installing suitable air cleaning systems such as exhaust etc. in sufficient numbers, particularly in the painting area. The per day production capacity of the plant is 600 cylinders, which is great though.

Thank you for providing us with quality TMT rebar and making a customize production schedule matching that of ours. We appreciate your service and would like to sincerely thank you.

- CTCE Group

I have been very impressed with the professionalism of your organization and find it well-organized.

- Bijaya Kumar Mahato