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Glo-Protek - Glo-Protek Rust Converter
Primer/Protective Base Coat

We are a prominent name engaged in rendering the world-class Glo-Protek brand products in Nepal. We specialize in Anti-Corrosive Coatings, Protective Base Coat, and Rust Converter Primer etc. Glo-Protek Rust Converter (GPRC) Primer/Base Coat is also a safe product which we manufacture and is water-based, single-pack, two-coat, and co-polymer based anti-corrosive coating that neutralizes rust reactively and forms a tough yet elastic encapsulating protective film.

Rusting of iron has been an age-old problem. We know that iron loses strength due to rusting and it spontaneously combines with oxygen and moisture to form a variety of oxides depending upon the conditions of exposure. The initially formed ferric hydroxide Fe (OH) 3 undergoes various changes during the process of corrosion and forms magnetite Fe3O4 or called 'rust'. However, this temporary passive stability is gone when the loose rust begins to flake away, exposing the inner surface to further process of rusting and so on.

Chemistry at its best

Glo-Protek Rust Converter Primer (GPSC) is a revolutionary, hi-tech product that reverses the process of rusting, GPRC with its reactive VX-polymer converts rust into a stable metal complex without losing the strength of the metal. This is accompanied by an encapsulation process tthe hrough the formation of a protection film coat. The lighter coloured GPRC, when applied on the surface of the metal changes to a dark blackish coloured protective coan ating film. This marks the END OF RUSTING OR CORROSION of the metal surface. GPRC is an insulating polymer. GPRC is also a 'water-based' system and it is non-flammable and non-toxic.

Method of application of Glo-Protek Rust Converter Primer/Base Coat

  1. Surface preparation is the most important step before application to get optimum results and avoid failures in the final product. Remove loose rust scales, flaking rust, old paint and dirt from the corroded metal surface with the use of wire brush, etc. However, there is no need to remove all the traces of rust, since the adherent rust is automatically converted into stable polymer complex compound with GPRC. GPRC also does not require different steps of preparation of the metal surface like sandblasting, phosphating or redoxide coating.
  2. While applying make sure that sufficient amount of solution is used, as the success or failure of such treatment depends on this factor.
  3. Apply GPRC with a brush or a roller, by dip method or simply by spraying on, apply two uniform coats of GPRC at 30 to 60 minutes interval and allow it to dry to get minimum DFT of 35/60 micron. GPRC is light pink or light grey when applied. Complete protection is achieved within minutes when a blackish to brown protective film is formed on the metal surface. Where the rust is more it appears more brownish and where the rust is less it appears more blackish. Now apply appropriate top coat. GPRC accepts all types of top coats.
  4. Do not transfer the left-over portion of GPRC back into the original container, so as to prevent contamination of the unused product.
  5. Do not apply on metals below 5º C and above 50º C.
  6. GPRC is a reactive anti-corrosive 'base' coat and it requires a top coat.