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Ujjwal Energy Pvt Ltd, a unit of the Panchakanya Group, is a private company registered for the specific purpose of integrating as well as trading of solar energy system & renewable energy technologies in Nepal. This company believes that the electricity is one of the strong means of development and is contributing by providing solar panels as alternative means for the generation of electricity. Moreover the simplicity of this technology makes it ideal for using in rural or difficulty accessed areas isolated from network. Our goal is to bring this clean, abundant and renewable source of energy to each and every home.

Neo Solar Power (NSP)

Neo Solar Power (NSP) was founded in December 2005. NSP is a world class leading solar cell manufacturer specializing in research, development and manufacturing of high-efficiency solar cells and modules. NSP is the largest solar cell producer in Taiwan. NSP’s management team consists of inter-disciplinary experts in semi-conductors, electronic systems, silicon raw materials, solar cell technology and solar energy system engineering with a proven track-record in delivering industry leading conversion efficiency and production costs into our solar solutions. NSP is currently providing its service to USA, UK, China, Germany, Canada and various other countries of the world spreading its services to over more than 50 countries. NSP/Del Solar modules are backed by many international certifications and are of excellent quality. NSP /Del solar modules are certified by TUV Rhineland, UL and MCS. The modules provide positive and tight power tolerances of 0 to +4.99 WP, which offer a stable and high energy system output, with high efficiency solar cells state of art manufacturing technology and long term reliability, NSP /Del solar modules are ideal choices for their high efficiency and cost-effectiveness. We accept customized orders such as for 72- cells configuration or salt resistant modules with high performance.

The PV module used for the installation was manufactured in Taiwan by Neo Solar Power. The PV module used for the system was monocrystalline. Monocrystalline PV modules have higher efficiency than polycrystalline PV since they are created from single continuous crystal structure. They are also space efficient since high energy can be obtained from the same module as compared to polycrystalline.