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Fixed windows are used purely to let light in and provide a view but do not need to be opened or operated because there are no ventilation possibilities. UPVC fixed windows are a great choice in these situations because of their low maintenance requirements and great strength and endurance and are available in large sizes. Fixed windows are a part of almost every order, because of their universally attractive design, as well as their excellent acoustic and thermal properties. The sound-insulation benefits that are attributable to fixed windows allow you to enjoy the serenity and harmony in your home while the maintenance-free, weatherproof and age-resistant material guarantees a long-lasting attractive appearance.

  • High energy efficient and sound-proof
  • Effective against, rain, dust, heat, and pollution
  • Zero maintenance
  • Customization with multiple color, design and hardware options

My compliments, I commend Panchakanya Steel on the professional and thorough approach it has to delivering and maintain service with us. Thank you for your valuable time and consideration in this respect.

- Mahesh Shrestha

Panchakanya Group got the "best company to work" award today. We are thankful ot our organization citizens who are our driving force.

- Jen Rahan