– SWITCH TO SMART FLOORING (Strong – Durable – Fast)
Panchakanya Group has continuously introduced innovation and modern building products to the Nepalese market with a promise of strength, safety and speed without any compromise in quality.
Along with the slogan “switch to smart flooring”, Panchakanya Group has brought Deck Sheet
for easy and speedy construction reducing the load of concrete slab. The deck sheet is galvanized steel profile with ribs and embossment which helps in gripping and binding with the concrete slab and together forms a floor structure. These deck sheets are appropriate and prompt material for the flooring slab with its unique interlocking system. Decking sheets nowadays has become the most effective method of constructing floors in steel buildings and has tremendous advantage in high rise building.
Technical Specification
Available thickness 0.8mm
Surface Treatment Coated, Galvanized
Zinc Coating 80 GSM
Yield Strength 286 – 297
Tensile Strength 345 MPA
Finished Width 2.51 ft.  (± 5 mm)
Crest depth 75mm
Weight  per  sq. ft. 0.78kg
Extensibility 35 – 40%
Fire-resistance 4 hours

Note: Customized length can be available as per your ordered quantity                                        
Application: -
  1. Multi-story building (Commercial, Residential)
  2. Shopping mall
  3. Super markets
  4. Storage facilities
  5. Mezzanines
  6. Bridges
  7. Walkways
  8. Platforms etc.
  1. Speedy Construction
  2. Permanent Flooring Sheet
  3. Cost Effective and Durable
  4. High Strength-to-weight-ratio
  5. Anti-corrosion and waterproof
  6. Rough gripped surface for concrete adhesion
  7. Decreases slab thickness, hence reduces load
  8. Light Weight and no major reinforcement required
  9. Fire resistivity
Time, cost and strength are the most important aspect for the construction. One
of the time-consuming portions of construction is the erection of formwork. With the use of decking sheet, we can save it all. In addition to this, considerable amount of concrete and reinforcements can be saved which not only reduces the cost but also reduces the dead load acting on the structure without compromising the strength. Reduction of dead load further brings the advantage that the structure can carry extra loads. Although being light in weight the flooring has good ability to resist vibration and deflection, thus fulfill the service ability criteria for design. Also, it is a good insulator of sound and temperature.
            Our project was on a tight timeline and strict budget to create first-class rigid flooring. Decking Sheet was the perfect product for it. Light weight, easy to install and time efficient which easily exceeded his expectations. He strongly believes that the future of steel building construction in Nepal will have decking sheets as its flooring. Without any hesitation, he highly recommends it.
Knowing the fact that the use of new materials demands the backup knowledge about how to use it and what are the parameters that need to be considered for safe and efficient use, these are some important parameters that need to be considered.
The spacing ‘S’ depends upon the type of decking sheet.
Step 1: Select proper size and spacing of stringer beams supporting the decking sheet.
Step 2: Use shear studs above beams at calculated spacing depending upon the type of decking sheet and spacing of stringer beams.
Step 3: Punch hole in decking sheet as per shear stud’s location and lay above stringer beams.
Place the decking sheet over the beams and then weld the shear studs at the designated location using Stud Welder/ Gun.
Step 4: Place anti slip bar at calculated spacing perpendicular to the ridge line. Simple tack weld is sufficient to hold the bars.
Step 5: Use temperature and shrinkage mesh at the top face of decking slab with sufficient cover to prevent cracking.
Step 6: Casting of concrete over decking sheet by micro concreting using aggregate size less than 6 mm.
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