About Us.
Nepal Bitumen and Barrel Udyog Ltd. (NBBUL) is a public limited company that was established by Nepal Oil Corporation limited in 1984. The company was taken over under a privatization program of Government of Nepal in the year 1994 by Panchakanya Group a well diversified industrial and trading house of Nepal. The Organization heading with the philosophy “Quality Ensures Success” is committed to total customers’ satisfaction and practicing high business ethical standards.
NBBUL production plants for EMULSION, CRMB and DRUMS/ BARREL is situated at Amlekhgunj, Bara where different sizes and designs of drums/barrel/container are being manufactured by using MS sheet for packaging of bitumen and bituminous products. NBBUL is the only industry of its kind in the country and facilitated with LAB for quality test etc.
NBBUL imports paving grade prime bitumen of viscosity grade-(VG) directly from IOCL refinery in Bulk and refills it its self produced 167 Kgs capacity drums and marketing it by the name of NBBUL which can be seen on the lid of barrel.
Bitumen is a common binder used in road construction. It is principally obtained as a residual product in petroleum refineries after higher fractions like gas, petrol, kerosene and diesel, etc., are removed. Indian Standard Institution defines Bitumen as a black or dark brown non-crystalline soil or viscous material having adhesive properties derived from petroleum crude either by natural or by refinery processes. Bitumen also known as asphalt is a sticky, black and highly viscous liquid or semi-solid form of petroleum. Bitumen standards are issued by Bureau of Indian Standards, Government of India and revisions are done time to time as per requirements. First Edition of Bitumen standards was published in 1950 under IS Specification named IS 73:2013.
In the third revision in 2006 grading of bitumen was changed from penetration grade to viscosity grade. The variability in performance at high temperatures can be addressed by adopting a viscosity-graded bitumen specification (based on viscosity at 60°C) in lieu of the penetration-graded specification (based on penetration at 25°C). Four grades of bitumen based on the viscosity values were presented. Adoption of viscosity-graded paving bitumen specification also reduced the number of total tests to seven, resulting in reduced cost of testing paving bitumen. This also eliminated empirical tests/parameters such as, penetration ratio, paraffin wax content, and Fraass breaking point without compromising the quality of bitumen.
VG-10 Bitumen: VG-10 is broadly used in spraying different appeal like surface- dressing and paving in very cold climate in lieu of old 80/100 Penetration Grade. Likewise, it is also used to manufacture Bitumen Emulsion and Modified Bitumen Products.
VG-30 Bitumen: VG – 30 is essentially used to construct extra heavy duty bitumen pavements that need to endure substantial traffic loads. It can be used in lieu of 60/70 Penetration Grade and used for tropical belt mostly where climate is hot more than 30°C.
  1. Bitumen (Packed in New MS Drum):
  • Bitumen Grade VG-10
  • Bitumen Grade VG-30
  • Bulk Loose Bitumen can also be supplied on demand.
Bitumen Emulsion
NBBUL manufactures different grades of Bitumen emulsion and markets them by the brand name Himalsion and it is produced from emulsion plants located at Amlekhgunj. It successfully fulfills the most important factors for an industry that is quality of the product, which stands out as one of the best choice for contractors and also recommended by DOR of Govt. of Nepal. There are two types of Bitumen emulsion Cationic and Anionic, whereas Cationic bitumen emulsion is more popular in Nepal because better result in performance. These emulsions are produced by processing prime quality of VG bitumen and emulsifier under controlled production parameters such as pH value, temperature etc. Himalsion, a Cationic Bitumen emulsion is designed to suit the climate and traffic conditions of the country and caused of incredible qualities it is known as an environment friendly as well.
NBBUL manufactures Rapid, Medium and Slow setting types of Cationic Bitumen emulsion that conforms to BS 434: 1984, ASTM: D244-83 and IS: 8887-78. However, it also produces Anionic Emulsion and Cutback on demand.
  • Require no heating, is ready to use.
  • Environment friendly.
  • Energy saving.
  • Cost effective.
  • Workable with cold and damp aggregates.
  • Safe and easy handling.
  • Better and durable pavement
  • Less wastage saves money.
Available Grades Applicable for
  1. Rapid Setting
(equivalent grade CRS-1 or K 1 60)
(equivalent grade CRS-2 or K170)
Hot sprayed
Concrete curing, Lean mix sealing, Grouting, Patching, Sealing formation and sub-base
Not suitable for mixing with aggregate.
Grouting, sealing formation and sub-base surface dressing and sealing.
Note suitable for mixing with aggregate.
  1. Medium Setting
(equivalent grade CMS-1 or K2)
(equivalent grade CMS-2 or K1 40)
Coated stone, Retreading
Concrete curing, lean mix sealing, Mist spraying, Tack coating
  1. Slow Setting
(equivalent grade CSS-1(h) or K3)
Coated stone, Fog sealing.
  1. Quick Setting
Equivalent grade QS or K3
Slurry sealing
The Cationic Emulsion is available in 215 Kg MS barrel.
Crumb Rubber based Modified Bitumen (CRMB):
CRMB is manufactured by blending chemically treated crumb rubber, natural asphalt and chemicals to normal bitumen. Crumb rubber is retrieved from the waste automobiles tyres. Such use of used tyres avoids their unwanted and unproductive burning on the road, which causes environmental pollution. Thus, considering the importance to curb environmental pollution, manufacture and use of CRMB is environment friendly. We marketing it by the brand name CRMB Digo
Advantages of CRMB Digo:
  • Higher resistance to deformation
  • Lower susceptibility to temperature variation
  • Better adhesion and cohesion
  • Prevention of cracking
  • Reduction in damage caused by water
  • Extended pavement life 2-2.5 times
  • Reduction in pavement thickness
  • Reduction in maintenance cost
  • Reduction in freeway noise level
  • Overall improved performance
Availability: CRMB- DIGO  
Polymer Modified Bitumen-PMB
  • PMB- 40 and PMB 70 can also be supplied on demand
Cationic Bitumen Emulsion (Himalsion):
  • HIMLASION- R/1 Rapid Setting with- 60% Bitumen
  • HIMALSION-R/2 Rapid Setting with- 65% Bitumen
  • HIMALSION- R/3Rapid Setting with-70% Bitumen
  • HIMALSION- M/1 Medium Setting with- 60% Bitumen
  • HIMALSION M/2 Medium Setting with-65% Bitumen
  • HIMALSION- SS Slow Setting with- 60% Bitumen
  • HIMALSION- S-S Slurry Seal with- 60% Bitumen
MC 30, MC 70 MC 800, MC 3000