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"Panchakanya Steel Certification"

The certification ensures that we partner with our customers to provide high-quality products and services. As the first company to acquire the NS certification, we warrant to provide high integrity and performance. Please make sure to collect your warranty card from the retailer.

Terms and Conditions
  • The cost for maintenance and proper storage along with the risk of damage to or destruction of the production materials will be incurred by Panchakanya.
  • In case, a defective good is detected within the warranty period, Panchakanya, upon their choice, will make improvements to the goods complained for or supply a replacement that is free of defect.
  • Building design and structural integrity to be ensured by an architect and assessed by a government personnel.
  • Third party testing to be done in case of an unforeseen or an indeterminable issue.
  • Double and triple glass options for better insulation
  • The legal provisions relating to the burden of proof are not affected by the above.

Thank you for providing us with quality TMT rebar and making a customize production schedule matching that of ours. We appreciate your service and would like to sincerely thank you.

- CTCE Group

My compliments, I commend Panchakanya Steel on the professional and thorough approach it has to delivering and maintain service with us. Thank you for your valuable time and consideration in this respect.

- Mahesh Shrestha